Do your business projects feel disorganized or completely chaotic?

Uncertain if your project is falling behind due to a lack of resources, knowledge, or efficiency?


To continue growing and innovating your business and serving your new and existing customers, you simply cannot afford to delay or stop your critical projects—and with Fractional Project Management services, you no longer have to.

Fractional Project Management is a contracts-based alternative and access to senior-level project management expertise to help meet deadlines, milestones, and deliverables for your short or long-term project needs.

With over 30 years of experience, we help companies and departments, small and large, successfully organize and manage projects, troubleshoot problem areas, and execute imperative deliverables.

Why Fractional Project Management?

  • Valuable and versatile expertise—and relief—for your business’s short and long-term projects
  • Contract-based agreements for as low as five hours a week
  • Projects include business process design and implementation, product launches, customer acquisitions, digital marketing, software installation, special or sensitive initiatives, and more

You may need Fractional Project Management if...

  • It doesn’t currently make financial sense to hire a full-time project manager
  • You’re unsure why a project is lagging or isn’t producing the expected outcomes
  • You don’t have the capacity to spare and need help resolving an immediate challenge with specialized skills and efficiency—yesterday

organizing projects with efficiency

Our specialized skills ensure you’re working on the right tasks at the right time while being conscious of risks and keeping your project within scope, budget, and the required timeline.

Not your typical project manager

We offer a unique perspective and hands-on approach, with decades of experience in consulting for various sectors from IT to finance to marketing.

Consistent, repeatable processes

Save time, money, and energy in the future with a variety of new templates, systems, and policies that you can apply to various other projects.

Sample Projects

  • Banking Operations Review and Enhancements
  • Business Processes Development and Implementation
  • Business Resilience and Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Creation of Enterprise Compromised Data Center of Excellence
  • Customer Acquisition Programs
  • Customer Onboarding of 140,000 Employees
  • Design, Implementation, and Launch of CRM Systems
  • Development of Training Modules for Utility Software
  • Digital Marketing Creation and Rollout
  • Discontinuance of Rate Transition of Commercial Real Estate London Inter-Bank Offered (LIBRO)
  • Insurance Health Benefit Alignment
  • Integration of Third-Party Client Software
  • Installation of Infrastructure
  • Installation of New Security Hardware and Software
  • Software Development, Installation, and Upgrade
  • Medical Management and Wellness-Related Services, Products, Software, and Solutions

"Please accept this commendation for the work Judy Bragg has been doing on the Enterprise Compromised Data Program, especially for going the extra mile every week since she joined the program and for her leadership in focusing on the right things to accomplish. It's often been a bit of a rough ride, but she has kept a positive attitude, been a solid team player, and drives to get the job done with the business partners’ goals always in focus." ~ Program Manager


Judy Bragg is a Certified Project Management Professional. She is also certified in Texas in the Historically Underutilized Business Program (HUB).

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